Чёрная комната - Netflix

Black Room. Closed space. The action takes place as it leisurely. You know that every word, every gesture of the characters have a special, secret, yet completely understood the meaning. But you feel: do not miss a single nuance. In each novel - two or three hero. Between them - a real drama, which ends with a bang. Sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. Continuous: no yesterday and tomorrow. Only here and now. Sometimes the action takes place on the verge of fantasy and reality. And often the fantasies are much more realistic than real life. Black Room, or, as they say theater goers black cabinet - a space in which nothing can be seen until the light will light. Imagine a black background moving people in black velvet No, it's not a horror movie. Partly, of course, a bit scary. But that's only surge from expectations of how to resolve the situation in each novel.

Чёрная комната - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2000-09-22

Чёрная комната - Elena Korikova - Netflix

Elena Yuryevna Korikova (Russian: Еле́на Ю́рьевна Ко́рикова; born 12 April 1972) is a Russian theater and television actress. She is perhaps the best known for her role of Anna Platonova in television series Bednaya Nastya.

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