Bob & Doug - Netflix

The lives and misadventures of two garbage men who are brothers in a small Canadian town.

Bob & Doug - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-04-19

Bob & Doug - The Great White North (album) - Netflix

The Great White North is a Canadian comedy album by the fictional television characters Bob and Doug McKenzie (portrayed by actors Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas), released in 1981 by Anthem Records (ANR-1-1036) and distributed in the United States by Mercury Records (SRM-1-4034). The title is a popular nickname for Canada; the nickname was used for the title of a Second City Television sketch featuring the Bob and Doug characters, and a screenshot from the show was used on the album cover.

Bob & Doug - Track listing - Netflix

“This is our album, eh?” - 3:40 “The Beerhunter” - 2:23 This sketch is a beer-drinking game based on The Deerhunter: Russian Roulette with beer cans. “School Announcements” - 1:52 This sketch features Doug (Thomas) as a school vice-principal who encourages his charges to “have a beer and talk” at his office. “The Miracle of Music” - 0:41 “Peter's Donuts” - 3:02 “Gimme A Smoke” - 1:59 “Take Off” - 4:45 This track features singing by guest vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush “Coffee Sandwich” - 2:26 “Welcome to Side Two” - 0:58 “Doug's Mouth” - 3:33 “Elron McKenzie” - 2:28 “Black Holes” - 2:06 There is a backwards message on this track. “You Are Our Guest” - 2:14 The duo's exaggerated accents pronounce “are” and “our” as homophones for comedic effect. Listeners play the “guest” by reading the enclosed script. “Ernie's Mom” - 1:54 “The Twelve Days of Christmas” - 4:42 “Ralph The Dog” - 3:11 “Okay, This is the End, eh?” - 1:57 “Honest” - 0:31

Bob & Doug - References - Netflix

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