Emma Approved - Netflix

Emma Approved - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-07

Emma Approved - Emma Approved - Netflix

Emma Approved is an American multi-platform web series starring Joanna Sotomura and Brent Bailey based on Jane Austen’s Emma. The show is a follow-up to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and is the third production out of web series company and YouTube channel, Pemberley Digital. In the series, Emma Woodhouse is reimagined as a lifestyle coach and matchmaker who is filming herself for the future documentary about her life. Emma Approved aired twice weekly on Pemberley Digital’s YouTube channel starting October 7, 2013. The show consisted of 72 episodes, ranging from five to seven minutes in length. The series ended on August 23, 2014 and has accumulated over 3 million views on the Pemberley Digital YouTube channel.

Emma Approved - Characters - Netflix

Emma Woodhouse (Joanna Sotomura) is an ambitious, confident lifestyle coach, event planner and match maker. She believes that she’s going to be the next Oprah, and so begins documenting her “greatness” for when she becomes famous. She starts out the series self-centered and oblivious to her own extremely privileged perspective, but grows to see her own shortcomings. Though she is often misguided, she has a big heart and is always trying to do what’s best for the people around her. She has several catchphrases, like calling things “Emma approved” and asserting she’s going to “make your life better.” Alex Knightley (Brent Bailey; George Knightley in the novel) is Emma’s business partner and head of finance for Emma Approved. He is the voice of reason in Emma’s life and shows her extreme patience. Emma often teases him for his poor sense of style, but he’s able to tease her right back with his characteristic snark. Alex spends much of the series struggling to hide his romantic feelings for Emma. Harriet Smith (Dayeanne Hutton) is Emma’s new assistant. She has a degree in library science and hopes to be a lifestyle expert like Emma. Harriet is extremely good hearted, if a little ditzy. Emma spends a lot of the series trying to mold Harriet in her own image, only to find that Harriet is best when she’s being herself. Bobby Martin (James Brent Isaacs; Robert Martin in the novel) is Emma Approved’s sweet and bumbling IT guy. He has feelings for Harriet, but Emma disapproves of the match and convinces Harriet to reject his advances. He enjoys bird-watching and poker and goes by the nickname B-Mart. Frank Churchill (Stephen Chang) is a high-profile entrepreneur who is constantly jetsetting to other countries to do business. Emma often relies on his celebrity and money to pull her out of trouble. He is boyish and charming and seems to have natural chemistry with Emma. Jane Fairfax (Tyra Colar) is an old friend of Emma’s family. Since she is so successful and close in age to Emma, Emma feels a natural rivalry with Jane. Later in the series, Jane joins Emma Approved to help organize charity-related events. Annie Taylor (Alexis Boozer; Anne Taylor in the novel) is Emma’s best friend. Emma has helped orchestrate all the major events in Annie’s life, from meeting her future husband to her wedding day to her baby shower. James Elton (Paul Stuart; Philip Elton in the novel) is a California senator who comes to Emma to find him a match. Ryan Weston (Gabriel Voss; Mr. Weston in the novel) is a cupcake mogul and one of Emma’s matchmaking clients. Emma matches him with Annie Taylor. They are happily married and expecting a child. Izzy Knightley (Mapuana Makia; Isabella Knightley in the novel) is Emma’s older sister who is married to Alex’s brother. She is a housewife with two kids, but is unhappy and restless. Emma helps her realize that she wants to go back to school. Maddy Bates (Nikea Gamby-Turner; Miss Bates in the novel) is a close friend of Emma’s family and Jane Fairfax’s aunt. Emma helps her find clients for her financial consulting business. Maddy makes jams in her spare time and likes nothing better than talking about Jane. Caroline Lee (Jessica Andres) is crossover role from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. She replaces Augusta Hawkins in the original novel. Caroline is James Elton’s new fiancé. Emma helps the couple plan their engagement party.

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