Fee Fi Fo Yum - Netflix

Game show presented by Les Dennis in which two teams of "humunchies" play to avoid being eaten by Brian the Giant.

Fee Fi Fo Yum - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-09-10

Fee Fi Fo Yum - Fee Fi Fo Yum - Netflix

Fee Fi Fo Yum is a British children's television game show presented by Les Dennis. Two teams of children (“humunchies”) compete in a series of challenges on the dinner table of Brian the Giant (Nigel Cooper). The losing team is then eaten by the giant. It was first aired in 2010 on the CBBC Channel.

Fee Fi Fo Yum - The Great Escape - Netflix

Brian doesn't pick anymore; the teams must pick that person for The Great Escape. Brain has locked their teammates in the Scales of justice. Only one Team can free them, but facing them is The Great Escape: five awesome obstacles. A tyre-path speed obstacle known as “The Doughnut Dash”. A tunnel (kitchen roll) filled with meatballs to hinder them known as “The Kitchen Roll Crawl”. A rolling pin balance beam with Brian swinging 2 teabags on each hand to make it more difficult known as “The Rolling Pin Run”. A physical and mental challenge building a path to Brian's bowl known as “The Choc-bar Challenge”. A challenge that once in the bowl, they must ascend a slope to freedom known as “The Slippery Slope To The Rope”. The team that makes it to the top of the slope will pull the rope, releasing the victorious team. The other team is eaten by Brian.

Fee Fi Fo Yum - References - Netflix

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