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Maisie Raine follows DI Maisie Raine, an unorthodox detective whose hands on and down to earth approach was not always appreciated by her superiors. When she took on a case, she did it her way, regardless of whose toes she stepped on and who she offended. Each episode would see the team investigating a crime and often uncovering more about the perpetrators and the victims histories with DI Raine often becoming personally involved or bending the rules to get the results she wanted.

Maisie Raine - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1998-07-28

Maisie Raine - Maisie Raine - Netflix

Maisie Raine is an English television crime drama series, first broadcast on BBC One, that ran from 28 July 1998 to 9 July 1999. Pauline Quirke starred as the eponymous title character, an unorthodox detective whose hands on yet down-to-earth approach is not always appreciated by her superiors. Created by Stephen Bill, a total of twelve episodes were broadcast across two series. The first series featured a running story arc involving Maisie's wayward brother Kelvin (Paul Reynolds), and had a much lighter feel than the second, which featured grittier storylines including drug dealing, armed robbery, arson and murder. Throughout the series, Maisie is portrayed as a strong and dedicated detective, often stepping on toes and bending the rules to get results, and even becoming personally involved with the victims of each case. She often clashes with her superior officer, Jack Freeman (Ian McElhinney), who also appears to hold a romantic torch for her, while George Kyprianou (Steve John Shepherd), a junior constable on her team, often proves to be her best ally in the field. Maisie also receives help from her loyal housekeeper Joan (Stella Moray). Although neither series has been released on DVD, repeats of the series are regularly shown on Drama and Alibi.

Maisie Raine - Cast - Netflix

Pauline Quirke as DI Maisie Raine Ian McElhinney as DCS Jack Freeman Anna Patrick as DCI Susan Askey (Series 1) Richard Graham as DS Mickey Farrel Rakie Ayola as DC Helen Tomlin Steve John Shepherd as DC George Kyprianou Brian Bovell as DC Stephen Holmes (Series 1) Dean Lennox Kelly as DC Chris Mallory (Series 2) Paul Reynolds as Kelvin Raine (Series 1) Stella Moray as Joan Hobson (Series 2)

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