Martin Shaw: Aviators - Netflix

Martin Shaw assembles a squad to restore his crashed Boeing Stearman Biplane.

Martin Shaw: Aviators - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-12-05

Martin Shaw: Aviators - Early Birds of Aviation - Netflix

The Early Birds of Aviation is an organization devoted to the history of early pilots. The organization was started in 1928 and accepted a membership of 598 pioneering aviators. Membership was limited to those who piloted a glider, gas balloon, or airplane, prior to December 17, 1916, covering the entirety of the pioneer era of aviation, and just over two years into World War I. The cutoff date was set at December 17 to correspond to the first flights of Wilbur and Orville Wright. 1916 was chosen as a cutoff because a large number of people were trained in 1917 as pilots for World War I. Twelve of the aviators were women. The original organization dissolved once the last living member had died. This occurred with the death of 99-year-old George D. Grundy Jr. on May 19, 1998. The organization was restarted and is devoted to collecting and publishing biographies on those who met the 1916 deadline. There were many pilots who soloed before the 1916 deadline who never applied to the club to be members. Some have been made honorary members.

Martin Shaw: Aviators - I, J - Netflix

Leslie Leroy Irvin (1895–1966) Edwin Kenneth Jaquith (1892–1984) William C. Jenkins (?–1957) of Staten Island, New York City. Shakir Saliba Jerwan (1881–1942) Christian Johanssen (?–?) Major General Davenport Johnson (1890–1963) Edward Albert Johnson (1885–1949) Frank M. Johnson (?–1961). On February 12, 1910 he became the first native Californian to own and fly an airplane. James M. Johnson (1885–?). He was born July 19, 1885 in Helena, Arkansas to Belle T. and James B. Johnson. He married Cornelia Spencer on June 25, 1912. Louis Johnson (?–1963) Robert R. Johnson (1891–1959). He was born in 1891. He was awarded Fédération Aéronautique Internationale certificate number 205 in 1913. He died in St. Louis, Missouri on November 5, 1959. Victor G. Johnson (?–1983) Walter Ellsworth Johnson (1889–1961) Archibald B. Johnston (?–1950) Byron Quinby Jones (1888–1959) Ernest LaRue Jones (1882–1955) Harry M. Jones (1890–1973) Assen Jordanoff (1896–1967)

Martin Shaw: Aviators - References - Netflix

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