Secret Seven: The Series - Netflix

This is the story of Padlom, a lonely girl who's afraid of love. However one day, someone told her that a guy secretly likes her, and this guy is supposed to be among these seven young men! Follow Padlom's passionate love story, and how will Padlom find out which of the seven guys is secretly in love with her?

Secret Seven: The Series - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Thai

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-12

Secret Seven: The Series - Seven (Indian TV series) - Netflix

Seven – The Ashvamedha Prophecy is an Indian supernatural television series that aired on Sony Entertainment Television from 1 January 2010 to 25 June 2010. The series was produced by Aditya Chopra, and stars Rakesh Bapat and Shama Sikander.

Secret Seven: The Series - Plot - Netflix

When the “Saptarshi” constellation falls in place, Dr. Charak, an astronomer, scientist, and philosopher knows the time has come for him to find the descendants of the saptarishi or seven sages. ‘Seven’, is the story of the search for the seven descendants and their journey of discovering their real capabilities. Asmin, Hriday, Varya, Haryaksh, Mastishk, Eklavya, and Drishika, have what it takes to save the world. The unique powers they possess are complimented with their different mindset, learning and outlook in life. Dr Charak, the guru must now bring seven such distinct personalities under one roof and fulfill the Ashwamedha prophecy – a secret that will give great power to the person who unravels it, before Asht – the master of evil and Dr. Charak’s rival decodes it. Seven is India first cutting edge special effects action adventure show inspired by mythology, set in today’s world. This will see 7 ordinary people from different parts of India with extra ordinary powers that will fight the battle of Good vs. Evil, to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world. So sit back and get ready to experience a roller coaster ride among with the seven (who will surely excite you) and keep watching to unravel new mythological mysteries and finally the Ashvamedha, whose secret shall surely change the fate of the Seven. In the final episode they reach to the place where they find the deadly weapons(compared to nuke) of Mahabharat and that is the final climax of Ashvamedha, Asht tries to win over Saptarshi but fails and then he unleashes his daughter Shunya(unaware that she is his daughter) to fight the seven. Asht gains upper hand and tries to kill Varya, Shunya interviens and saves Varya but she dies revealing the truth that she is Asht's daughter. Finally Asht is defeated. Shlok deletes memory of everyone and the seven carry on with their lives as normal people.

Secret Seven: The Series - References - Netflix

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