TV Novel: Landscape in My Heart - Netflix

After her first love is married to another woman, a young girl is forced to give up her baby. After many years while married, she finds out that her long lost child and first love are returning to town.

TV Novel: Landscape in My Heart - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 35 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-30

TV Novel: Landscape in My Heart - Randall Flagg - Netflix

Randall Flagg is a fictional character created by American author Stephen King, who has appeared in at least nine of his novels. Described as “an accomplished sorcerer and a devoted servant of the Outer Dark”, he has supernatural abilities involving necromancy, prophecy, and influence over animal and human behavior. His goals typically center on bringing down civilizations through destruction and conflict. He has a variety of names, usually with the initial letters “R. F.” but with occasional exceptions, such as Walter o'Dim, originally envisioned by King as a separate character, in The Dark Tower series. Flagg first appeared in The Stand as a demonic figure who wreaks havoc after a plague kills most of the population. He makes his second appearance in The Eyes of the Dragon as an evil wizard trying to plunge the fictional medieval city of Delain into chaos. Flagg was a primary antagonist in King's epic series, The Dark Tower, who tries to keep protagonist Roland Deschain from reaching the Tower—the linchpin of existence—so he can claim it for himself and become a god. The Dark Tower expanded on Flagg's background and motivation, linking his previous appearances. Aside from King's novels, Flagg was featured in a television miniseries adaptation of The Stand in which he was portrayed by Jamey Sheridan and The Dark Tower film adaptation in which he was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey. He has also appeared in Marvel Comics' adaptations of The Dark Tower and The Stand. King initially cited Donald DeFreeze, primary kidnapper of Patty Hearst, as his inspiration for Flagg. Later, he attributed Flagg to an image of a man walking the roads in cowboy boots, denim jeans, a jacket, and most importantly wearing a hat (according to Stephen King himself), a notion which “came out of nowhere” when he was in college. Flagg's character and the nature of his evil have been the subject of considerable critical attention.

TV Novel: Landscape in My Heart - The Stand - Netflix

Randall Flagg makes his first named appearance in King's 1978 apocalyptic novel, The Stand, where he tries to construct a new civilization in the United States after a plague kills most of the population. Flagg is described as a “tall man of no age” in old blue jeans, denim jacket and old cowboy boots. He wears an old Boy Scout knapsack, and his jacket pockets are stuffed with pamphlets from dozens of fringe splinter groups. Flagg's background is vague, even to him; he says that at some point he just “became”, although he remembers being a Marine, a Klansman, a Viet Cong member, and having a hand in the kidnapping of Patty Hearst. In Las Vegas Flagg attracts people drawn to destruction, power and tyranny, using crucifixion, torture and other punishments on those disloyal to him. His followers reorganize society, repairing and restarting services in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Flagg plans to attack and destroy a rival emerging civilization—Mother Abagail's Free Zone in Boulder, Colorado—to become the dominant society in the former United States. After two of Flagg's followers fail to kill the leaders of the Free Zone, the Boulder community sends a group of men to Las Vegas to stop him. The three who reach the city are taken prisoner, and Flagg orders one of them executed for his defiance. As the other two are being prepared for a public execution, one of Flagg's most loyal followers, the Trashcan Man, arrives with a nuclear warhead salvaged from a military base. As Trash dies of radiation poisoning the Hand of God appears, detonating the warhead and annihilating Flagg, his followers, and the prisoners. An expanded edition of The Stand was published in 1990, restoring text that had been cut from the original edition. It includes an epilogue in which Flagg appears on a beach and finds a primitive tribe ready to fall under his influence.

TV Novel: Landscape in My Heart - References - Netflix

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